Assessment Summary

This is you! Based on your answers to the questions in the Immuno-Rejuvenation™ Assessment, these are the scores for your four quadrants of health that connect to your overall function and well-being. Remember, we only asked you about the last seven days. This is because function can change daily, or sometimes even more frequently. Our assessment is a tool to get you engaged with the concept of tuning in and thoughtfully considering how you are functioning on any given day, week, month, and beyond. We’ve made it easy to track your results in your Big Bold Health profile. This will allow you to see how your function changes over time. We hope you will identify both helpful and negative patterns so that you can guide your decision-making in achieving your personal health goals.

Physical Functional Quadrant

Your physical function is how you move and act in the world. It is your mobility, your flexibility, and your musculoskeletal system. Physical function encompasses things like chronic pain and fatigue issues. It is connected to sleep, energy level, and your overall feelings of strength and wellness.

Metabolic Functional Quadrant

What’s going on inside of you with the processes that power your body? Metabolic function is complex, but vitally important. It refers to things like how you burn sugar to fuel, how you manage your blood fats, how your body uses protein to maintain muscle,  how you process waste, and how your body’s immune systems works. Developing an awareness about these key areas is a skillset that can be developed and it represents new opportunities for high-level engagement with your personal level of function.

Cognitive Functional Quadrant

Brain health. Most people rank this as their top priority given that a decline in cognitive abilities has been associated with aging. But this quadrant is about daily function as well as long term function. Do you ever struggle with brain fog? Is concentration an issue on some days but you are laser sharp on others? Have you ever noticed that your ability to think clearly can sometimes depend on your mood? The brain is an exquisitely complicated piece of human machinery. The more you know about your own, the more in control you will feel.

Emotional/Behavioral Functional Quadrant

How do you see yourself as an individual AND as a citizen of Planet Earth? More and more studies are demonstrating that emotional/behavioral function is incredibly important to health status. This quadrant is linked to things like sense of purpose and feelings of social connection (or social isolation). It can encompass spirituality, vitality, stress, mood, and self-harmony. Don’t underestimate this quadrant—it’s powerful and deeply personal.

The Immuno-Rejuvenation™ Food Plan

What do I do next?” This is the obvious question we think you’ll be asking after completing an assessment and seeing your results. Big Bold Health has numerous tools in development that we will be rolling out over the next year. The first is the Immuno-Rejuvenation™ Food Plan and Recipe Guide that has been developed by our Big Bold Health FoodLab team. It’s available now—download it for free and use it as an actionable starting point for your personal health journey.

Immuno-Rejuvenation Food Plan

It all starts here!

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