An Earth Day Message from the Founder of Big Bold Health

An Earth Day Message from the Founder of Big Bold Health
Believe it or not, Earth Day is my favorite holiday. It’s a special day to me for many reasons.
  • In 1970 — the same year that Earth Day was officially added to the calendar — I got my first job as a professor. I was hired to teach environmental science, and I still feel like I can remember every student in that class. It was the start of a career that has been amazingly gratifying to me.
  • I have spent much of my life living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We are surrounded by water here, as well as mountains, forests, and wildlife that will take your breath away. Nature nourishes me, so I spend as much time as possible enjoying and honoring it.
  • It’s time to give back. We know that our planet is facing many crises — from health pandemics, to climate shifts, to social and political conflicts. These things are all very real, and I believe that Earth Day represents an opportunity for connection, community, and activism through action.
I went to Port Blakely, here on Bainbridge Island, to celebrate the day and share some thoughts. From the regenerative farming co-op we are building around Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat in upstate New York, to the sustainable fishery in Alaska that fuels our Dutch Harbor Omega line of products, Earth Day speaks directly to our DNA as a company. I’m pleased to announce that for the next five days, Big Bold Health will be donating 10% of our gross sales to five charities: Kiss the Ground, Lonely Whale, Earth Corps, the Center for Biological Diversity, and the Environmental Defense Fund. Happy Earth Day, everyone. Together, let’s support organizations that make a difference to our soil, seas, and planet. 'Til next time. Jeff
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