Immunoresolvents signaling molecules at intersection between the brain and immune system

Current Opinion in Immunology, February 2018

Jesmond Dalli and Charles N Serhan Abstract: Understanding mechanisms that control immunity is central in the quest to gain insights into the etiopathology of many of the diseases that afflict modern societies. New results implicate the nervous system as a central player in controlling many aspects of both the innate and adaptive arms of the immune response. Furthermore it is now well appreciated that a novel group of autacoids termed as specialized proresolving mediators, which are enzymatically produced from essential fatty acids, orchestrate the immune response promoting the termination of inflammation as well as tissue repair and regeneration. The present brief review discusses evidence for the crosstalk between the nervous system and leukocytes in regulating SPM production. We will also discuss the impact that this has on controlling tissue resolution tone and the resolution of both infectious and sterile inflammation.

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KEY TAKEAWAY: "Moreover, these new links to neural immune networks represent new leads in the development of approaches that harness the potent biological actions of SPM and do not carry the many side effects associated with current therapeutics."
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