The HTB Rejuvenate Experience Trial

The HTB Rejuvenate Experience Trial

Quite simply, Himalayan Tartary buckwheat has one of the best nutrition profiles I’ve encountered in my 40-year career as a biochemist and developer of dietary supplements and medical foods. It’s such a powerhouse, on so many fronts, that we dedicated our first clinical work on an experience trial to better understand its impact on health.

I am pleased to share with you the HTB Rejuvenate Immuno-Rejuvenation Observational Trial. This small pilot study produced very promising, statistically significant outcomes after a 30-day period of supplementation with our product, HTB Rejuvenate.

These clinical results suggest that HTB Rejuvenate has a very unique influence on the biological processes associated with immune rejuvenation. We hope it’s the first step, with controlled studies on the mechanistic influence of Himalayan Tartary buckwheat on immune autophagy and mitophagy to follow.

Please click through for a free download of the study and its results.

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HTB Rejuvenate Immuno-Rejuvenation Observational Trial


“The most common functional improvements from our experience trial were seen in energy, vitality, sleep, mood, pain, and cognition.”

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