A Doctor’s Take on Immuno-Rejuvenation

A Doctor’s Take on Immuno-Rejuvenation

Let’s get right to it. I’m here to answer your four big questions about our new approach to immune health, something we call Immuno-Rejuvenation.


1. What is it?

Immuno-Rejuvenation is an integrative, comprehensive approach to rebalancing immune health. It looks at root causes of immune dysfunction and provides personalized interventions to help restore immune resilience.

By promoting a healthier immune equilibrium, rejuvenation enhances the body’s ability to fend off threats from inside and outside. Immuno-Rejuvenation is based on the latest research in immunology, and we continuously update our approach with the most recent and relevant immune science.


2. What makes it different?

The majority of discussions around improving immunity right now are knee-jerk reactions that miss the bigger picture. While immune health is on everyone’s mind, most people forget that immunity is much bigger than defending against an individual microbe.

Immuno-Rejuvenation incorporates the powerful science linking immune health with the nervous system, the endocrine system, the gut, and processes like metabolism to create a far more complete framework for immune wellness. Unlike popular “immunity hacks,” rejuvenation incorporates information on improving every level of immune function, from our DNA to the global ecosystem.

3. How does it work?

The basic idea behind Immuno-Rejuvenation is to reset your immune system to a more balanced state. This reset can happen at multiple levels.

  • We can change the expression of immunity-related genes to help deactivate damaging immune pathways.
  • We can engage cellular cleanup programs that restore healthier immune function.
  • We can provide signals that change the chemicals produced by our immune cells to help restore immune equilibrium.
  • And these are all opportunities we can harness through specific lifestyle changes.

This multi-pronged approach provides us with powerful tools to help change our health destiny for the better.


4. How can I use it?

Many of the techniques included in Immuno-Rejuvenation are things you’ve heard before. They include consuming a diet rich in colorful vegetables, getting adequate sleep and regular exercise. But there’s lots more to it.

For starters, we recommend you begin by learning a bit more about your individual immunity with our Immuno-Identity Quiz. Depending on your results, you might benefit from specific dietary interventions and supplementation.

The goal is to move immune function towards a balanced, resilient state, but the steps to reaching this outcome will differ depending on your starting point.

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