Big Bold Health

Big Bold Health is placing all its chips on immunity. Why? Because we believe that addressing immune issues works on the root causes of so many of our modern day issues. We also believe that optimizing immunity is a pathway to better physical and mental wellness. But it’s clear that our basic strategies for improving immune function leave much to be desired. Why? Because they focus on boosting immunity and other quick-fixes that fail to incorporate personalization.

At Big Bold Health, we think the first step in a holistic approach to better immunity is through understanding one’s unique pattern of immune function, We call this an “Immuno-Identity.” Learning your identity allows for the tailoring of interventions to help rebalance immune function towards a healthier state, a state where adaptive and innate branches, as well as immune cell populations and immune cytokines, are able to defend against threats without causing excessive collateral issues. 

A comprehensive approach to better immune health requires going deeper than a superficial “boosting” strategy. Instead, we’re focused on Immuno-Rejuvenation, the exciting science showing that we can reprogram our immunity from the ground up by leveraging processes like autophagy and epigenetic modification. By using dietary and other lifestyle interventions, the goal is to create an immunity that keeps our system in balance for years to come, while reversing the detrimental marks of old immune issues. Join us in our mission to improve health through a global coIMMUNITY.


Research in cognition is exposing links between immune dysfunction and brain state


Many, if not most, conversations about immunity are focused on microbes


For decades we’ve focused on conditions like depression as the result of neurotransmitter imbalance


Nature has provided us with a cornucopia of molecules capable of influencing our health.


Humans have a strange tendency to see themselves as separate from nature.


The conversation around improving longevity is rapidly moving from preclinical data to accessible lifestyle interventions.

CV Health

Recent science makes it clear that our cardiovascular and immune systems are closely linked. 

Gut Health

We’re all increasingly attuned to the powerful role of the gut in our health.


Healthy metabolic function has taken center stage in wellness discussions, and for good reason.