Many, if not most, conversations about immunity are focused on microbes. This makes sense. After all, we principally learn about the immune system through its role in fighting off microbes. But there’s so much more to this picture.

Our immune system is a fundamental player in every aspect of our health, not just our defense against microbes. When we’re only worried about how to “boost” our immunity against microbes. we’re ignoring all of these other functions at our peril. In fact, it’s clear that for optimal health, we actually need our immune system to be in active bidirectional communication with our microbes.

The key is to cultivate a broader sense of how our immune system influences our bodies. Within this, we want to foster a balanced relationship with our microbes so that we cultivate our wellness-promoted flora while fending off the other bugs. To do this, we need a flexible, resilient immune system. This means paying attention to our personal immune needs, and moving the conversation away from “boosting” to rejuvenating and rebalancing immunity.


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Humans have a strange tendency to see themselves as separate from nature.


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