Research in cognition is rapidly exposing connections between immune dysfunction and brain state We’re also starting to appreciate how immunity influences our thinking in real time. With its own immune cells and immune ecosystem, all aspects of brain function are now being linked to immunity.

In many ways, the overlap between the health of our brains and the health of our immune systems gets to core aspects of who we are. Even neurogenesis and neuroplasticity are thought to function under a degree of immune control. Microglial cells (resident brain macrophages) are immune cells native to the brain that are implicated in memory, cognition, and even mood.

This information is profound, because it means that by influencing our immune function, we can change the way that our brains work, and in so doing, take an active role in positively influencing our health destiny. Through sleep, exercise, and other lifestyle changes, we may be capable of altering the balance of immune activation within our brains for the better. Nutrition that focuses on restoring healthy immunity using macro-, micro-, and phytonutrients may also have a positive effect on brain function.



Humans have a strange tendency to see themselves as separate from nature.


Many, if not most, conversations about immunity are focused on microbes


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Humans have a strange tendency to see themselves as separate from nature.


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