Humans have a strange tendency to see themselves as separate from nature. Yet we know that we are part and parcel of the natural world.

Immunity provides a powerful lens for viewing this truth. Plants and animals have their own immune systems, and the planet itself can be seen as possessing an immune system. All of these can be conceptualized through a global coIMMUNITY — a network of interconnected immunity essential for the preservation of health.

The implications of coIMMUNITY are significant, and we ignore them at our peril. Without the immune benefits we get from animals, plants, fungi, microbes, and the planet itself, we’re far weaker. It’s only by integrating information from the global coIMMUNITY that we can thrive. But this also means taking the bigger picture approach. We have to care for the ecosphere as it cares for us. This is why Big Bold Health is committed to sustainable and regenerative practices
in our products and actions.


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Big Bold Health is placing all its chips on immunity.


Humans have a strange tendency to see themselves as separate from nature.


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