Healthy metabolic function has taken center stage in wellness discussions, and for good reason. But the dynamic interactions between our genes, environmental inputs, hormones like insulin, ghrelin, and leptin, and energetics within our mitochondria are just a part of this story.

Immunometabolism describes the overlap between immune function and metabolism. Metabolic processes change our immunity, just as the opposite is true. This fascinating area of research also includes the effects of microbe metabolites like short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) on our immune health. It also shows us how our food can change the function of our immune cells.

Understanding immunometabolism opens the door to better health, providing a pathway for targeted nutrition as a way of influencing immune function. Follow us at Big Bold Health for more on how to use this powerful information.



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Humans have a strange tendency to see themselves as separate from nature.


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Humans have a strange tendency to see themselves as separate from nature.